A Poem of Faith, of Hope and Charity

Beneath the Cathedral’s sacred grace,
A project stirs, a noble embrace,
A Hall to honor history’s might,
Where dreams converge, shining bright.

With each brick laid, a legacy unfolds,
Whispered tales of saints and stories untold,
The echoes of faith, resounding strong,
In this hallowed space, where souls belong.

Your donation holds the power to ignite,
A symphony of hope, a beacon of light,
For every dollar, a cornerstone laid,
Building a haven where memories are made.

Together we’ll construct a Hall of dreams,
A sanctuary for all, it truly seems,
Your generosity will forever reside,
In the hearts of those who step inside.

Let your contribution be the guiding force,
In this endeavor, let us stay the course,
For with your help, this vision shall thrive,
A testament to kindness that will forever survive.

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